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over my years of learning different kinds of art forms I obviously grew a deep love and appreciation for the arts and sciences. I spend much of my time trying new mediums and finding out ways techniques in each medium can cross over into  another to create unique works of art. I truly believe that learning many types of art can help us to become better artists, so I'm always taking new classes or researching and jumping into new projects. I've done this through a lot of my life and it has lead me to trying many things such as metalsmithing, wire weaving, sewing, painting, ceramics, dance, floral design, fabric sculpture, and most recently fused glass. it has been a journey I wouldn't trade for anything. 



I was born in Germany but raised in the mountains of Utah for the majority of my life. With this background I loved to learn about and explore different cultures and traditions. A lot of my inspiration comes from learning about these places and their styles of art and that pushes me to be a better artist. I have always done some form of art, as far back as I can remember. It started at a very young age with drawing and painting, then moved into textile art, fashion and design, and currently, my true love, jewelry. Jewelry making had always been a side hobby for me, something I did just for myself. But had always loved the mixture of art and science that went into the process. As I was going through my sewing phase, I started to realize how much more I enjoyed the process of making the accessories for the outfit than the outfit itself. Because of this I decided to perfect my skills with years in metalsmithing and jewelry classes so I could create accessories that are as unique as the wearer.




You can usually find me spending a lot of time at local art events, exhibits, classes or museums as I find these things to be extremely stimulating to the creative process,  I'm sure most of us arty types do. I think its important to enjoy theses things and always learn and grow from them. Art is one of the truly amazing parts of the human condition. 

Upcoming Classes

Starting July 13th and 14th, sign up today!!

Wire weaving cabochons
Metalsmithing 1

sign up for my intro into metalsmithing class happening this fall! 5 week class through life long learning with

the U of U. 

classes will be held at salt city smithery

Check out my all of my on demand courses by clicking the link below.
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